Buccament Bay Resort: Block 2, Block 3 & the Waterfront Village

Block 2 continues to make good progress. The Buccament Bay Resort logo has been attached to the front of the apartment block (please see below), the rear scaffolding has been removed (please see below), and its two lifts are virtually complete. Elsewhere in the block, all of the ceilings have been slabbed, joinery is almost complete on the first three floors, and  a number of smaller interior jobs are being worked on, including staining to railings and woodwork. Scaffolding has now been erected on Block 3 (please see below) in preparation for continued works.

A short walk away from Block 2, the Water Front Village is showing why it will be the heart of the resort. The Trader Vic’s roof is complete (please see below) and Safran’s roof, in what will be its new and permanent home, is nearing completion (please see below), whilst the ponds between the restaurants will soon receive light fittings and fish to further enhance the spectacle of the area.


One comment on “Buccament Bay Resort: Block 2, Block 3 & the Waterfront Village

  1. Mr & Mrs Michael andChristine Smethurst says:

    Everything looks superb. Can’t wait until next year when my husband and I will be visiting again in May to see the change in the resort from last year when we came over.

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