The Merricks Resort: Update

The Merricks Resort Show Village development in St Philip, Barbados continues to make good progress on internal, external and infrastructural works. Images detailing the main works are below, but first we want to share a little insight into the thinking behind the development.

The villa designs being implemented offer airy spaces that enjoy plenty of light, large rear decks with walk-in plunge pools and seating areas to take in the wonderful views over the turquoise sea. New bathroom designs also accommodate showers with closed external garden spaces, allowing for an inside/outside shower experience. The villas are a testament to Harlequin’s environmentally friendly approach, having been designed to be self-sustaining via renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Their rooms are designed to be extremely effective at retaining the cool air generated by the air conditioning units, which are themselves controlled by a property management system, ensuring optimum use for maximum energy efficiency.

Please find below the development update with images taken in late October:


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