H, Barbados: Update for Dec 2012 & Jan 2013

Please find below an update on Harlequin Hotels & Resorts’ luxury boutique hotel, H, Barbados. This update covers the work through hd studio (formerly Harlequin Developments) that took place before the Christmas/New Year break in 2012 and from 7th to 11th January 2013. Text in red denotes the latest work from January.


o Block A

  • Grouting of exterior joints complete
  • Screeding to 4th and 5th floors complete
  • Block walls to ground floor 98% complete
  • Wall lining to Mock UP room commenced

o Block B

  • Piling of North Foundation upgrade and walkway foundation complete
  • Earthing/grounding of all plunge pools complete

o Block C

  • Installation of services to 2nd floor slab complete
  • Concrete to 2nd floor slab complete
  • Advance decking to 3rd floor South is 98% complete
  • Beams installed for rebar installation to 3rd floor South
  • Production of stair case commencing
  • Advance columns and beams around staircase commencing
  • Precast stair case completed for installation
  • Ground floor slab structural preparations for installation of stair case in progress
  • Form work fabrication for deck of 1st floor stair surround
  • Fabrication of columns to deck of stair surround

o Block D

  • Backfilling to bays complete
  • Excavation for under-slab services to kitchen in progress
  • Advance foundation of plunge pools in progress
  • North wall modifications in progress

o Block E

  • Installation of all services to GF slab complete
  • Batteboards for foundation layout in progress
  • Jack hammer and clear foundation pile caps
  • Fabricate reinforcement for foundation cages
  • Excavate and clear foundation pads for blinding


Images for December 2012


Images for January 2013:


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