Statement: BBC’s Panorama and Gareth Fatchett

At the Open Day meetings in April, Dave Ames assured agents and investors that Harlequin would be as transparent and open as possible with you all. In line with this, we want to make you aware of very recent developments with the BBC Panorama programme and Harlequin.


As you are aware, Harlequin was to be included in an episode of the BBC’s Panorama programme in April this year. That episode was pulled after the programme’s producer resigned following suspension for attempting to bribe individuals associated with Harlequin. You can find out more at the links below:


We also understand that an independent review commissioned by the BBC found that the programme makers had become too close to individuals who are intent on bringing down Harlequin. This supports what Harlequin already knew, not just from the nature of the accusations and questions, but because Padraig O’Halloran actually mockingly quoted private emails Harlequin had sent to the BBC whilst we were suing him in the Irish High Court.


Despite the shameful and shocking behaviour of the programme just weeks ago, BBC Panorama is back and this time they apparently have a friend in Gareth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal. Whilst attempting to appear as if he is representing investors’ best interests and claiming he is working with Harlequin, he is in fact briefing journalists against Harlequin and providing Panorama with misinformation. After all, the greater amount of concern and alarm that exists, the greater amount of custom can be attracted to his firm.


This has been made plain this week as, most curiously, the new producer of the BBC Panorama episode presented Harlequin with the very same misinformation that Mr Fatchett provided to IFA Online this week regarding commissions paid by HMSSE. The resulting article, which featured quotes from Mr Fatchett and was published despite Harlequin informing the publication’s News Editor that the figures were inaccurate and inflated, is now the subject of a complaint to the PCC.


Shortly we will provide more information on Panorama’s requests and Harlequin’s responses.


4 comments on “Statement: BBC’s Panorama and Gareth Fatchett

  1. Carlton says:

    There must be a way of stopping Regulatory Legal & Panarama, what’s Harlequin Property doing about it? Panarama are only basing their programme on information given to them by these groups of thieves. If Harlequin can prove it’s all rubbish then, they won’t want to run the programme. Come on guys, enough is enough.

    • Indeed, enough is enough. Harlequin is always quick to counter and deny any misinformation and disinformation; the unfortunate reality is that the facts do not make an exciting story sometimes. Please be assured that Harlequin does all within its power to protect the business; meanwhile, Harlequin’s primary focus is on the restructuring process for the best interests of all parties.

  2. Alf says:

    Reg Leg are obviously hurting from being defeated once in court by HQuin.

  3. Roger A Coleman says:

    It seems perverse to me that a small band of very vocal investors together with Gareth Fatchett of R Legal should be able to exercise such power, thereby damaging the majority interests of Harlequin investors whom take a more sympathetic view. I recently signed up to a website to fight back against the lies and half-truths peddled by this opportunistic jumped up solicitor.

    If he succeeds in bringing down Harlequin aided by his small band of rebels, he will be destroying the dreams and livelihoods of thousands of investors, many of whom cannot afford to see this project fail.

    I hope the group who have taken my details for the supporting website, communicate with me soon, as it is time we fought back, I for one would back any action against this solicitor if there are grounds to do so, and as a group (now in the thousands) we should be able to bring this vicious campaign to an end.

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